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Hi, my name is

Dries Croons

building things on the internet

web / game / xr developer with a passion for technologies that will shape tomorrow's browser applicationsCurrently working at Phantom



VR Block puzzle game. Played over 100.000 times. WebXR game of the year. Featured on the oculus new tab page.

Image for Plockle


AR Face filters, in the browser. Try out a cowboy hat, medieval helmet or glasses.

Image for Glast


A WebXR Space racing game that can be played in VR, on mobile devices, with a controller, or mouse and keyboard.

Image for XRO


A web app for irl quests. Template was used for multiple events. Built for my dad's birthday.

Image for Geoquest


A landing page and tournament creator for Belgium's biggest gaming youtuber.

Image for Kastiop


A frustratingly difficult platformer. Ludum Dare #45 submission. Played over 10.000 times.

Image for Reutemeteut

Keyboard Warrior

Ludum Dare #41 submission. Played over 5.000 times.

Image for Keyboard Warrior

condolences book

A very special one. An online condolences book for Kacper.

Image for condolences book

OP.GG Recorder

recording tool for LoL that had over 17.000 concurrent users at one point.

Image for OP.GG Recorder


  • React
  • Node
  • Typescript
  • react-three-fiber
  • three.js
  • WebXR
  • Firebase
  • Postgres
  • Graphql
  • WebAssembly
  • Web3
  • Solidity

Open Source

  • An official Mikro-ORM example project using graphql
  • React-XRMaintainer
    VR/AR with react-three-fiber
  • Resolve your graphql fields to (MikroOrm) relations
  • Hands, but by default, in react-xr with additional hand tracking support for grabbing geometries
  • SnaikeCreator
    Snake controlled by a neural network, trained by a genetic algorithm, that runs in the browser


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